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Property managers

VDF has years of experience with a range of customers and clients in several industries including the elevator and architectural real estate industries, movie and film and food production. Some of our clients include:

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Elevator service and maintenance contractors

Our products and services are trusted by:

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We provide set and specialty custom metal fabrication solutions, with an emphasis on stainless steel, architectural metals, and our specialty - elevators and elevator fixtures! We offer quick turnaround with fabrication to spec or can provide design work in-house. VDF's products have been featured in such recent productions as Pacific Rim, Showcase's Beauty and the Beast and Suits.

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Food and food equipment manufacturing

VDF has years of experience with a range of customers and clients in the elevator and architectural and real estate industries.

As much of our work involves custom stainless steel fabrication, we are well suited for supporting food manufacturers, and those contractors which supply and service food-industry equipment.

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